Testimonials From Our Friends and Clients

Our #1 goal is simple, to exceed our clients' expectations in every way possible. Nearly 100% of our business comes directly from referrals and repeat clients.

Some say...

  • Knowing the East Bay and the comps inside and out, Saraya is really good at presenting an offer and making it happen. She knows how to get it done. Her depth of knowledge and honesty is apparent in all of her responses. She is a great advisor. Originally, Saraya Motley came highly recommended by our good friends. I have since recommended her to my friends.

  • Our experience with the Motley’s was that they were always available from beginning to end. They were the most experienced realtors we interviewed. They had super professional fliers. I felt like they marketed my $360K condo as if they were selling a $7M dollar house. They were so committed to us.

    Michael and Tammy
  • If I had to say one thing…they are professional, courteous and NOT SLIMY.

  • The real secret here is Saraya and her ability to negotiate. She is relentless, but does it in a really acceptable and professional way. Simon is a really nice, smart and funny guy with really great social skills. He makes the process fun. You can actually have fun and enjoy selling a house with Saraya and Simon.

  • It’s funny, but I really like this couple’s sense of humor.¬†Especially when difficult situations arise, it’s helpful to be able to have a laugh.

  • I was impressed by their partnership…strength in numbers and the fact that they are married and can work so well together makes if feel like a real relationship; not just a business deal.

  • My experience with Saraya and Simon? They don’t forget to celebrate the human aspect of the process. They were my ADVOCATES.

  • Saraya and Simon are very professional, yet very personal. Their attention to detail was complete and everything was always taken care of. They were always very responsive from start to finish. They became our friends.

  • When I was selling it was not a good situation, I was going though a divorce and needed to sell quickly but I neither had the will nor the emotional strength to do it all. Saraya was not only my agent but she acted as my project manager; she handled all of the contractors and repairs that I just couldn’t deal with.

  • Simon and Saraya offer solutions that are affordable, timely and smart and will help sell your house and get the most money for you. They are all business. They are very clear in their communication and about the results.

  • The Motley’s are a trusted advisor. We trust them. Case in point, we’ve bought twice and listed once with these guys. Their level of professionalism, knowledge and organization was superior to any other realtors we’ve experienced in the last ten years.

    Jason S.
  • We knew Saraya and Simon as neighbors and although we had two other neighbors who were realtors, because of their demeanor, market knowledge, sense of humor and¬†calming effect on us, they were an excellent “fit.”

  • They communicate clearly and they are committed to the process, they worked really hard. Very well versed. Great advocates for us. They are very personable and accessible. They always made time for us.


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